Patsy Watchorn

Patsy Watchorn: Discography
The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn


  • The Very Best Of Patsy Watchorn
    • 2002 - DOCDK 116 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Rare Old Times (Pete St. John)
    2. Liverpool Lou (Dominic Behan)
    3. The Pub With No Beer (Parsons)
    4. I'll Tell My Ma
    5. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Phil Coulter)
    6. Paddy Lie Back
    7. The Gold & Silver Days (Phil Coulter)
    8. Luke's Song (Egan)
    9. Red Rose Café (Pierre Kartner/Don Black)
    10. Dance With Me Colleen (McEvoy)
    11. The Shamrock & The Rose
    12. The Hot Asphalt (Ewan MacColl)
    13. The Red Haired Minstrel
    14. The Spanish Lady
    15. Whiskey In The Jar
    16. The Wild Rover
    17. Whiskey On A Sunday (Hughes)
    18. Home Boys Home
    19. Ringsend Rose (Pete St. John)
    20. The Big Strong Man
    21. On The One Road

Sleeve Notes

For over 30 years Patsy Watchorn has been regarded as one of Ireland's best-loved balladeers. His distinctive singing style has endeared him to thousands of ballad and folk music lovers worldwide.

It is now 25 years since Patsy first recorded Pete St. John's classic "Dublin In The Rare Old Times", a song with which Patsy has achieved outstanding success and has made his own..

To celebrate. Patsy has re-recorded and re-issued this great ballad on his "best of" compilation. This collection also features many of Irelands' best-loved songs performed in Patsy's inimitable style..

Keep her goin' Patsy!